Mirror Construction (...a disordered World) (Album, 2018) CD-Cover anzeigen

Releasedate 08.06.2018

All guitars and bass were recorded by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, Germany, between December and January 2016/17.

All drums and vocals were recorded by Mindreaper at Mindreaper Studios, Germany, in the same period.

All keyboards on Purity of Wrath by Daniel Galmarini.

Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Andy Classen.

All music written by M. Bangert, except Enigma, Purity of Wrath, Stillborn God and Torch's Fall by M. Bangert and G. Weppler.

All lyrics written by S. Rehbein, except Story of Rejection by M. Bangert and Mirror Artifacts by M. Nozulak.

Artwork by Björn Gooßes | Killustrations.

Photos by Stephan Klement | Bandphotos.de

1. Enigma [Lyrics]

2. Bull’s Eye [Lyrics]

3. Mirror Artifacts [Lyrics]

4. Stillborn God [Lyrics]

5. Purity of Wrath [Lyrics]

6. Passage to Extinction [Lyrics]

7. Against the Flood [Lyrics]

8. New Age Tyranny [Lyrics]

9. Story of Rejection [Lyrics]

10. Torch’s Fall [Lyrics]

Human Edge (...to the Abyss) (Album, 2012) [CD-Cover anzeigen]

Releasedate 07.04.2012

Recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Michael Schlor at Studio 13,

Igersheim, between October 2011 - March 2012

Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio, Bühne, in March 2012

1. Black Head [Lyrics]

2. Cryophobia [Lyrics]

3. Little Round Top [Lyrics]

4. Power Commandment [Lyrics]

5. Cataclysmic Fire [Lyrics]

6. Seven Days [Lyrics]

7. Absolute Zero

8. Steer On Demise [Lyrics]

9. High Water Mark [Lyrics]

10. Erased Apocalypse [Lyrics]

11. Trust And Betrayal [Lyrics]

Absolute Zero (EP, 2009) [CD-Cover anzeigen]

Releasedate 14.11.2009

Recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Michael Schlor at Studio 13, Igersheim, in September 2009

1. Stone River [Lyrics]

2. Fatal Melody [Lyrics]

3. Counterpart From Hell [Lyrics]

4. For Insanity [Lyrics]

5. Next One [Lyrics]

Fatal Melodies (Demo 2006) [SlimCase-Cover downloaden] [CD-Cover downloaden]

Recorded, produced and mixed by Mindreaper at Bunker, Strebendorf, in April 2006

1. Fatal Melody [Lyrics]

2. Leave All Behind [Lyrics]

3. Trust And Betrayal [Lyrics]